The glass we use for our candles and reed diffusers is 50% recycled.  And all of our glass containers are approved for food use while the sticky label is easy to peel off, making the glass immediately reusable as a drinking glass or small vase.  Our jars come with airtight wooden lids, making them ideal for jams, marmalades and other tasty stuff.  Compared with animal fats, vegetable oils are easy to rinse off, reducing the need for detergents when cleaning our containers prior to their post-fragrance lives.

And the label gets thrown in the recycling bin for plastics. Our boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard!  We suggest that you recycle them again  - just as with the glass.  The little metal wick holder gets picked out of the bottom of the glass and put in the metals recycling compartment for the bin man.

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