There are three components to a Klinta Candle:  the perfume (either essential oil or fragrance) and two vegetable oils – soya wax and rapeseed oil.  Free from aritifcial preservatives, colours, parabens, sulphates, animal products and anything else that shouldn’t be there. 

The fragrance and essential oils are produced in the EU and, in accordance with EU law, they aren’t tested on animals. Our perfumes are blended throughout the candle wax (in comparison with many other candles where the fragrance is applied simply to the surface) and as a result they smell balanced and fantastic all the way down to the bottom of the glass!  And because the melting point of our plant wax is so much lower than the petroleum equivalent, the fragrance evaporates much more slowly and maintains its mild scent more effectively.  The wick is made from untreated cotton.

Our oils (which make up 96% of each candle):

Soya Wax. The soya wax in our candles is certified ’EcoSoya’ – an organic soya product free from genetically modified plant matter, pesticides and herbicides.  EcoSoya soya wax is 100% natural and free from mineral oils and beeswax.

Rapeseed Oil. The remainder of our candle is made from rapeseed oil manufactured first and foremost for the food industry.  The rapeseed usually comes from the UK, Denmark or Poland.  As an EU product, you can rest assured that our rapeseed oil is ethically made, GM-free and that it hasn’t travelled thousands of miles to get to us.

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