Even though we’ve got a range of candles and reeds called VEGAN, all of our fragrance products are in fact suitable for vegans.  During 2019 we’re also changing the recipe for our organic Lip Balms to remove the beeswax, ensuring that everything Klinta makes is vegan.

Lisa Stevens, the founder of Klinta, about veganism;
“I’ve been a vegetarian for more than twenty years.  It’s a simple choice for me because I’ve always loved animals.  The fact that I prevent the slaughter of 100 animals a year makes me a bit of an everyday hero I think.  And when, by preparing vegetarian meals, I force my family to do the same, then I’m saving even more lives.  And we get to live longer and more healthily.  What better gift can I give to myself and my children?  And that’s not all:  Did you know that the livestock industry accounts for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions?  That’s more than all the world’s transport systems combined.  I think we can all do our bit, whether it’s eating less meat or simply choosing carefully what you put on the table.  You just have to begin somewhere, sometime.”

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